IntiFit Premium Home Cervical Traction Device
IntiFit Premium Home Cervical Traction Device
IntiFit Premium Home Cervical Traction Device

IntiFit Premium Home Cervical Traction Device

$ 37.95


SUPERIOR QUALITY Ergonomically designed to alleviate stress and provide a great neck stretch. It is made of excellent quality thin and light weight materials. It has three layers for enhanced comfortable support with a durable cover that keeps air locked in to avoid air leakage.
#1 DOCTOR RECOMMENDED Recommended by Physical Therapists and Chiropractors for patients with neck tension and stress.
FAST RELIEF In as little as 5 minutes of use, you can experience the benefits of this cervical traction device.
EASY TO USE The device has a Smart Inflate and Deflate Design that easily fills the separate air tube chambers with a hand air pump and deflates in minutes when you’re done. It also includes an easy to follow manual and storage bag.
100% RISK FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Buy this product with confidence with our 30 day hassle free return policy and a 12 month Warranty with easy access to our friendly Customer Support Team.


What Is Cervical Neck Traction?
Cervical neck traction, commonly known as neck traction or neck stretching, is a doctor recommended form of therapy. With traction, the neck muscles, tendons, vertebrae and nerves are slowly stretched. This stretch takes the pressure off your joints and allows the muscles and discs relax and align.

Why Choose IntiFit Premium Cervical Neck Traction?
IntiFit Premium Cervical Neck Traction should not be confused with other similar products because not all traction devices are made of high quality materials with the attention to detail of the IntiFit Cervical Neck Traction Device. It efficiently supports the neck and head with its easy to adjust inflatable layers. The unique and ergonomic air tube chambers are inflated with a hand air pump for better control. It is made of durable thin and lightweight soft-to-the-touch material that does not let air leak. It does not have a chemical smell so you can use it comfortably.

Does it Really Work?
Join a growing number of people who are experiencing the benefits associated with cervical traction. The device comes with a simple and easy to follow manual to help you use it correctly and avoid mismanagement. Enjoy a practical, portable, easy to use and non-invasive treatment now.



The product carries a manufacturer warranty for 12 months for replacement of all faults and defects. Warranty is void if fault or defect is caused by misuse or improper handling. Any warranty or guarantee is null and void if product has been damaged.