IntiFit Premium Kegel Exercise Kit

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  • 100% MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE EXTERIOR Waterproof non-porous and easy to clean kegel balls, Pelvic Floor Muscle Strengthening System with 6 Step Training Program - designed by gynecologists and physical therapists, and a Noir Hygiene Sachet, all included in the box
  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED Helps fight vaginal and rectal prolapse, and has the ability to lessen and sometimes cure urinary stress incontinence. Hypoallergenic and Hygenic; Phlalate, BPA, Dioxon, and latex free. Seamless silicone design and simple to clean
  • INTIFIT KINETIC CUEING MECHANISM - A small weighted ball inside the kegel ball will provide movement biofeedback, with subtle vibrations reminding you to flex your pelvic floor muscles during activity
  • NEW ERGONOMIC DESIGN yields ultimate comfort and function like no other traditional Ben Wa or Kegel Ball set does. This is a new generation kegel exercise device designed with comfortable use in mind, from insertion to removal.
  • LIFE ENHANCING RESULTS - You are going to love the new strength and tone in your pelvic floor, as you move throughout your day, in and out of activities with confidence.


You have found the highest quality, most comfortable, and  exercise training kit available. If you are new to pelvic floor exercises, or even if you have some experience, you are going to love the silky smooth comfort of the velvet brushed medical silicone exterior, and the ergonomic design of these new silicone coated kegel exercise devices.

With your purchase, you will be part of a growing number of women who are going to enjoy the benefits of having toned and fit vaginal wall and pelvic floor muscles. Thanks to their unique kegel ball design, there is no other device quite as comfortable and that yields as much satisfaction and medical benefit, as a work out with IntiFit's kegel exercise devices.

Waterproof: 100%
Materials: Medical Grade Velvet Soft Silicone & ABS
Size: 34mm(S)&30mm(D)
Weight: 40g(S)&62g(D)

IntiFit Premium Kegel Exercise Devices can benefit women of all ages by creating strength and tone in vaginal wall and pelvic floor muscles that enhance a number of activities, and by providing a therapeutic benefit for many pelvic floor conditions. When used properly, these kegel balls have the ability to:

-help cure urinary stress incontinence
-fight vaginal and rectal prolapse
-maintain pelvic floor health
-tightens and tones for confidence in all activities

The product carries a manufacturer warranty for 12 months for replacement of all faults and defects. Warranty is void if fault or defect is caused by misuse or improper handling. Any warranty or guarantee is null and void if product has been damaged.