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Cupping in the NFL

    Blue 42! Blue 42! Omaha. Hut, hut, CUP! Now, I’m pretty sure we’re all aware of the current cup that graces the ranks of the NFL.  That’s not the super cup I’m referring to, although the players might beg to differ.  What I’m referring to is a specially designed suction cup used in an ancient therapy known as cupping.   Cup Like An Egyptian How ancient is cupping? One of the oldest medical textbooks in the world, the Ebers Papyrus, which dates back to 1500 BC, describes Egyptians use of cupping to treat pain, vertigo, fever, weakened appetite and to help accelerate the healing process.  Jump ahead 500 years to 1000 BC and archaeologists find evidence of cupping in China,...

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Cupping Therapy Videos from Greg Gorey

The IntiFit Premium Cupping Therapy set is helping many people realize the benefits of deep tissue massage in a very short amount of time by creating a raised red reaction in the skin that would normally take a lot longer with pressure than it does with the suction generated by our body cups.  We thought you might enjoy seeing some videos of how one of the professionals, Greg Gorey of Bodywork Masters, uses these unique silicone massage tools in his practice to address problems in the back, shoulder, hip, butt and glute areas.  We have been impressed and inspired by his techniques and hope you will find them useful as well.    

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