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If you’re like most people, you learned the same things I did growing up, and were told its normal to have those problems as you get older – bad back, potbelly, bad knees, bad ankles, stiff neck, forward head, loss of mobility…..sound familiar?

or if you are a woman having children, maybe no one prepared you for postpartum depression, or bladder leakage and they told you that you would just need to deal with it.

or maybe you heard you would go through a midlife crisis and that 1 in 3 of your marriages would end in divorce, 1 out 5 people will experience clinical anxiety and depression, or that your child has a 1 in 68 chance of having autism, or a 35% chance of being obese.

or maybe you are fighting a disease and the only suggestion you get from your doctor is to keep trying different antibiotics that are tearing apart your gut.

Oh, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

We can tell you that this is simply not true, and many of your clinicians and doctors know it.  The problem is that their medical practices are often not set up to help someone like you who is willing to pursue health.  They are set up to give their patients an easy way out of their health issues using pills and quick fixes that mask symptoms, but often do not address the root of the problems.

I’m Brent Anderson, and I am Veronica Sosa, and we built Welligion on the best mind and body preventative and restorative techniques to survive and thrive in the 21st century, going well beyond pills and quick fixes.

Wellness(n) the state of being in good health.
Religion(n) a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.

Welligion (n) The practice of ascribing supreme importance to the state of being in good health.

We have applied our techniques to thousands of successful patient outcomes and now we want to give you our best secrets that you can use to build your Welligion.

I am happy to tell you that you’re not condemned to the 21st century problems listed above.

For nearly three decades, We’ve been challenging the status quo of mind and body wellness to feel better and have more energy in ours 40s and 50s than we did in our teens and 20s. We believe you can do this, too.

Learn and practice our techniques and live your best years now.

No matter your weight, your background, your family or work situation, I believe you can balance your body and mind to live better than you ever have. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. It doesn’t even have to take up a ton of your time.

In fact, the most important step to begin changing your body, mind, career and personal relationships is the belief that you can change.


Welligion for beginners: Start here

Join the thousands of patients that have learned from our teachings and built long lasting health, relationships, and happiness utilizing the leading-edge information we share with them every day. Here are some of our favorite articles to get you started:

Pain Free Running and Movement – Beginner-Expert

Take our 3 minute movement test to see where you rank and what kinds of movement and activity you can do pain free. If you wish to improve your skills on the test we’ve got that covered as well.

Body Length, Strength, Alignment, Movement

Here we blow apart the myths of exercise and show you a time tested method for lengthening and strengthening your body for use your daily use, as a parent or as an elite athlete.

Oxygen for Health

Healthy Cells require Oxygen.  Did you know that in Compared to prehistoric times, the level of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere has declined by over a third, and in polluted cities the decline may be more than 50%! This change in the makeup of the air we breathe has potentially serious implications for our health. Indeed, it could ultimately threaten the survival of human life.  We teach you to get more Oxygen and introduce you to healing techniques using pure O2 and O3 that can have a big impact on your quality of lifetime.

Ankle Stiffness will Ruin Your Day

Every time you take a step, your ankle guides the rest of your body through the movement whenever you walk, run, or play.  Tight ankles have a huge impact on the rest of your body and the way it moves throughout your day.  Take our 30 second ankle motion test and see if your ankles are allowing the rest of your body to move naturally.

Inner Core Strength, The Pelvic Floor and Why Kegels Alone Don’t Work

Maybe you heard of Kegel exercise?  Learn how most people are not able to effectively control their pelvic floor muscles when the body is at rest and especially in motion.  We give you an easy test you can perform to see how strong your pelvic floor is and can further guide you through strengthening this critical bladder and bowel regulator.

Hack Your Anxiety and Stomp out Stress

It’s keeping you awake, raising your blood pressure and keeping you from enjoying your life.  We break down the biggest sources of anxiety working us up unnecessarily and offer free guided audio visualizations from Veronica that you can use every day to drop your anxiety like a bad habit.


6 Ways to Hack Your Nervous System to Manage Stress: High stress levels affect your gut, brain, and heart function, leaving you weak and susceptible to colds and disease. Good thing there’s some hacks for that! Check out this post for some easy ways to manage stress from home.


How Welligion began

We created our Welligion over the last 25 years of practice while beating back disease, recovering from physical and emotional injury, and being the lab subject of the 21st century’s most cruel environmental strains. As professionals on the front line, in body and mind professions that spend the most time of any medical profession with their patients, we know what is working for those truly seeking out health religiously and we want to share these techniques with you.

The status quo in “health and wellness” would have you accept illness, physical and cognitive decline,  but the tools and techniques we are sharing with you have helped thousands of people just like you.

We work on the leading edge of research and theory, with some of the techniques being in the early stages. Years of research and clinical practice have helped us to iterate Welligion and refine what works. When it works, we share it here.

Lastly our Welligion is not some super-framework for ultimate health, because no one has all the best answers, but it is a collection of the tools and techniques that we know will work NOW for the motivated and welligious among you.

Welcome to your Welligion

There’s a lot of info here, and it can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do everything all at once. Bookmark this page and make a commitment to learn something new every week and implement one small thing at a time. After a few months, you’ll be amazed at how great you feel. Subscribe below, and we’ll send you new content on a regular basis so you can continue to develop your very own Welligion.

Ascribe Supreme Importance to the State of Being in Good Health

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