Welligion(n)   The practice of ascribing supreme importance to the state of being in good health.

Here’s what we are talking about, in one minute or less.

Anxiety is Tricking your Body

Oxygen is the Center of Life

Return to Running

21st Century Survival Alignment Tactics

Breathing - The Anchor of all Movement

Sitting Disease and Mobility

Aligning your Life with your Goals

We Need More Emotional Expression

Nutrition - Vegetable Smoothies

Defining Success and Life Balance

Changes During Pregnancy and Motherhood

Preventing Disease and Illness Instead of Managing It.

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Ascribe Supreme Importance to the State of Being in Good Health

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Brent Anderson

Brent Anderson

Physical Therapist

  • Physical Therapy PhD
  • Founder of Polestar Pilates
Veronica Sosa

Veronica Sosa

Mental Health Professional

  • Masters in Psychology
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Life Coach
  • Founder of LifeStriders

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